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M&A Company was founded in 1986 in Hong Kong. Then M&A Natural Healthcare Products Co. Ltd. was subsequently established in 1989. In 1993, M&A Phamaceutical Factory Co.,Ltd. was founded. In 1991, M&A (USA) Ltd. was registered in California.

After its establishment, we are committed to research and development and production of herbal medicine, Chinese medicine and natural health products; all have been registered in the Department of Health and has HKP or HKNT registration number of a range of products: Comedo Clear, Reishi Mushroom, Premium Wild Lingzhi, Pe Min Kan Wan, Herbal Plaster, Keepfit Pill, Zhi De Xiao, Pruritus Pill, Shu Feng Ding Tong Wan, Jilin China Wild Lingzhi, Nature’s Evening Primrose Oil, Stronger, Chinese Kipling Keepfit Tea,Qu Feng Shu Jin Wan, Genuine Taihe Wuji Baifeng Bolus, Kipling Keepfit Tea, Fu Wei Pill, Evening Primrose Oil, Happy Laxative, Hu Gan Pian, Qing Kam Ling, M&A Golden 50, Bonstrong, Japan Lucid Ganoderma, Japanese Reishi Mushroom, Huo Qi Bao, King of Japan Ganoderma, Feng Zhen Wan, Master-Mind, Pe Min Kan Wan Plus, Cordialung. There are 31 products are sold in more than 20 countries.

M&A has maintained a close relationship with the US Food and Drug Administration. In 1991, FDA granted M&A(USA) Ltd. 2 registration numbers: FDA No.205007 and FDA No.2028437. M&A has also obtained 2 NDC registration numbers: NDC No.059491 and NDC No. 62209-9266-5.

The company has been compliance for "safety" and "quality", prudent and high standard requirements, products gained a following of loyal customers.